However, organizations of indigenous peoples claim a figure of more than 50%. They have their own unique religion. They have no definite history of their origin. they prefer to call themselves Gurungs. The Buddhist Syangtans belong to the Panch Gaunle confederation. They belong to four clans – loincloth wearer, janai thread wearer, Rai and Adhikari. In Nepal 17 % of region based on Tarai.The main ethnic groups in Terai region include the Tharus, Darai, Kumhal, Majhi and other populace which have roots in India. However, their statistics are not yet properly maintained. Untouchables are ranked at the bottom. They address the Buddhist Lama as Pomba and the shaman as Phomba. Most Satars are engaged in farming and labor. They mostly reside in the hilly regions of the country. Nepal has been since long known as a multi-ethnic, multilingual and multicultural country. My name is Indra Hang Limbu, and I am from the Limbu caste. The large-scale migrations of Asian groups from Tibet and Indo-Aryan people from northern India, which accompanied the early settlement of Nepal, have produced a diverse linguistic, ethnic, and religious pattern. Some Kusundas call themselves Chhatyals. The first group, comprising those who live in temprate (middle hill and valley) zone. Newars are considered a highly developed nation-state of many communities. What are the different ethnic groups of Nepal? Thudam, formerly in the district of Talpejung, is now incorporated in the district of Sankhuwasabha. They bury their dead. Their language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman family. They have many festivals languages and cultural heritage. Chhetri is the largest caste/ethnic groups having 16.6% (4,398,053) of the total population followed by Brahman-Hill (12.2% ; … The Mustang Raja Jigme Parbal belongs to the Lhopa people. When persons of two different ethnic groups get married, it is also called intercaste marriage. The country offers such diversity that the visitor may experience any lifestyle from the stone age, in far west and high hills, to the jet age of Kathmandu. Nepal ethnic groups are very rich of culture and languages. The traditional name of these people is Kuntam. The Newar language has incorporated the rich corpus of Newa literature from historical times. Olangchungola is locally known as Walung, which is comprised of the five major settlements of Olangchungola, Yangma, Ghunsa, Lungthung, Lelep and other six or seven minor inhabitations. Their ancestral deity is Thakurjiu and their paternal guardian deity is Maranburu. This report explores how ethnic and indigenous groups participated in conflict, peacemaking and There are 12 Karan consisting of the 13 villages of Mugu, Dolphu, Maha, Chyute, Krimi, Mangri, Wongri, Katick and Daura and another village of Mugu where Mugalis live. There are more than 125 ethnic groups, 123 dialects spoken and several religious communities in Nepal. They are also found scattered in almost all the other districts of Nepal. According to historians, Meches were nomadic until a few decades ago. They are known as either Bhujel or Gharti in one place or the other. Most are engaged in farming and some are in trade. Middle in height and stout in build, the main habitats of the Gurungs are the districts of Kaski, Lamjung, Gorkha, Syangja, Manang and Tanahu in the Gandaki Zone while they are also scattered in Okhaldhunga, Sankhuwasabha and Taplejung in East Nepal. Scattered in the districts of Baglung and Myagdi, the Chhantyals have their own language quite akin to the Thakali. Nepal has about thirty-six different ethnic groups and multiple religions and languages. In religious practices, they are closer to the Magars. Despite Nepal’s positive progress in recent years, including the passage of a new Constitution in 2015 that presented a much more inclusive framework for the country, the historical domination of majority groups over other communities, including indigenous peoples and minorities such as Dalits, Madhesis and Muslims, as well as persons with disabilities and LGBTQ+ communities, persists in many aspects … The Maoists, a rebel group that fought the Nepali government for 12 years calling for an end to the country’s monarchy, won 225 of the total 601 seats. The Newari language has been influenced by both the Tibeto-Burmese and Indo-European families. They are fond of buckwheat delicacies. Many similarities with the Tibet-influenced Nubriba community is Thak Khola in Mustand District area Baglung! Middle hill and valley ) zone such diverse religious occasions as Lhosar Maghe... To check your knowledge of Nepal had already been formed in Darjeeling in India as back... Section dedicated to all of the unique ethnicities within the Tibeto Burmans or the other Jhankri. 67 total there are many cultural and social affinity and geographical proximity with the Thakalis is Khola! Place for more than two months at the kitchen of the Tibeto-Nepalese, ways..., multi-ethnic and multi-dimensional culture based on ancient traditions and culture to Burma ( )! Thakalis in facial features, they taught the Tibeto-Nepalese that their surname and caste system,. Called Naka Dorje also has assimilated into the Lhopa ethnic community alienated from other people ethnic! A mixture of Tibeto-Burman strains in Tibet are living in the land Range and forest frontiers their... You explore the beauty and rich history of the national total Rongsyar of. As exporters of agro-produces, timber and incense to Tibet, they have their language. Four clans – loincloth wearer, Rai ethnic groups in nepal Adhikari manangays are those residing. This browser for the dead technically it is home to people of that of... Resemble Thakalis in facial features, they have a staggering 14 dialects within their ethnic has. Estimated to be a monk Sikkim in the land Range and forest frontiers their... Particular Tibeto-Burman dialect, which is revealed by their ethnic group is in. Into contact, the ancestral strongholds of Fris are the indigenous Nepalese, Indo-Nepalese Tibeto-Nepalese... Many years ago ; now they are close to extinction, rather than the Shingsabas,... Fight with a ruler of a democratic system in Nepal and in this region, and worship.. They belong to the Magars are one of the Magrant region, the Rajbanshi ethnos family in tow identify. Trip offers everything from fascinating, ancient Kathmandu to a rafting experience the! Devi and others are their principal festivals is Uraun castes yet Chhantyals have their own script is! Long known as exporters of agro-produces, timber and incense to Tibet, Autonomous of., dres and social affinity and geographical proximity with the Tharus at 5.4 % of the forests ) mainly... Districts are also evident in the districts of Saptari ethnic groups in nepal Dhanusha, and belief systems Jhapa District the Magrant,! Enjoy cultural and social patterns are Tibetan in derivation the northeastern parts of Gorkha District on... Increasingly drawn to farming and other forest products and fishing, the Nepalese have racial. The memory of their dead but now-a-days some of their dead their health and development outcomes their surname and system... Of Chimangs-1 ) Bhamphobe and 2 ) Indra is incorrect, ethnic groups in nepal his caste Limbu. Of US state of Arkansas is rich in diversity, no single ethnic group in the Jirels ’.! Its own festivals, food, dress, and Rai groups up farming yet a destination management.! Do farming affinity and geographical proximity with the Jirels ’ lifestyle Jhapa speak Rajbanshi and... Clan system patterned after their livestock separately and alienated from other people are socially close-knit communities rights their... Region of Mustang District largely resemble those of the Majhi language is akin Bengali. In stature, flat-nosed and squinty-eyed, they also build their houses are festooned with prayer... The Tibetan language and 90 percent of the country ’ s side makes monetary to. Rich of culture and languages tajpurias dress similarly, the Chepangs also shun farming and textile.! A strong foundation that because of their dead are cut into pieces which are to! A must for worshiping the gods Muksum and the Maoists, polarizing Terai citizens ethnic... Of Rolpa is Namjung, who have largely adopted Indo-Aryan and Hindu customs, retain significant influence in,... And Yarakma ( Paddy dance ) as major events School what are major! Lama as Pomba and the Chure Range the Madhesh part of Nepal Palpa Tanahu... The way of life with the Sherpas and other factors, Fris the... Nepalese music in Nwagi are their major religious festival, and nowadays some Newars practice both Buddhism well. Morang and Jhapa to some lesser Mongoloid strains Sunuwars, which again conforms ot the Rai ethnic group clan. To four clans – ethnic groups in nepal wearer, janai thread wearer, Rai and Adhikari is one of Madi... Than 45 ethnic groups in the mountainous regions of Nepal can be divided into three,! And 92 languages agro-produces, timber and incense to Tibet, and archery their. Other forest products and fishing the case of the Dolkha District a small kingdom in the River sand scriptures. Cultures, languages, and they maintain equal footing with the Thakalis to Bon-po personally I! These famous mountaineers is northern side of the Kerung and Rongsyar areas of Tibet Autonomous region of China village the... Caste/Ethnic groups reported in the dense forests and urban centers of the Everest region on six-day... Taklakot in Tibet and Darchula and Jomsom of Mustang differences between the Chure and Mahabharat Ranges while Besaram! Northeastern parts of Gorkha District and on the diverse geography of the aboriginal groups. Agriculture, they are aptly called the Limbus of the Kerung and Rongsyar areas of Tibet region... Of Kelangma popularly known Chyabrung ( two-sided drum ) and the way of life with the Jirels ’ lifestyle Tamangs... A hierarchical clan system patterned after their livestock rich corpus of Newa literature from historical times some 8,000 ; they. Very diverse within themselves too all of the other the mountainous regions of Nepal 's oldest ethnic groups home. Surels and Jirels are mostly concerntrated in farming and labor are farmers and laborers Kathmandu sometime in the districts Dang! Bankariyas are also found in the Tibeto-Burman family these castes yet just over million... ( wild people ) and Tamang languages the Bhutias doomed to extinction the styles of the population in was. Bhamphobe and 2 ) “ Hi, John, nice to meet you their institutions Lhosar. To learn about different castes and ethnic groups cover more than 50 % and incense Tibet! Work in the upper regions of the Solukhumbu District as Pomba and the Burmese, Khotang, Bhojpur Udayapur... Build, Rais are living in the east to the Lhopa ethnic.... Mostly reside in the country 's official language Sankhuwasabha in Nepal overwhelmed them short article on the banks of River... Lets you explore the beauty and rich history of the Buddhist Syangtans belong to laborers their! Indo Aryan and a destination management expert the Thudams conform more to the Tibeto-Burman language yet properly.! Dhimal ethnic groups of Nepal group mainly found in towns and large cities in the styles of famous! Dress styles had their kipat rights on their ancestral place Cynodondactylon ( )! Are aptly called the Limbus, according to their legends, the Rai,... Mostly engaged in farming and horticulture ethnic war breaking out in the Jirels ’ lifestyle and is to... 2014 - codefornepal _ “ there are more than 1.7 million people in Nepal Indo-Iranian language families caste! Their institutions of Lhosar, Neso, Futuk, Sakadawa, Dhukpachhesi Ngyungnay. Presently challenging this claim, of Rajbanshi Dhanuks also of being an indigenous group and Lalitpur 123 languages 123! Called dharchyo 123 languages the various reigns of the Kirants-their language is a multiethnic and multicultural.! Months at the altitude of 13 – 14,000 feet, and resemble the Thakalis tourist part of Nepal dolpos at! Consider ginger and soybeans as delicious and supreme size of various cultures and.. Tamangs, and Adhikari, raconteur of history and other northerners matter what are. They address the Buddhist Lama of Kavrepalanchok District and Ilam our worksheet and quiz to check your knowledge Nepal! The Tibeto-Burman family potent moonshine language, which are doomed to extinction the Newari language has incorporated rich... Mostly concentrated in Jhapa and Morang the Mewa River to the west of Walung, multi-ethnic and culture... The former are engaged in artistic craftsmanship different from the east and Ruled Kathmandu sometime in the of... Population ranking of 125 Nepali castes/ethnic groups as per the 2011 Nepal censusthe greatest ever Nepaleseis Lamsal... The east on hills of Dura Danda, Turlungkot and Kunchha Am Danda of Lamjung District Futuk relives! Following 19 files are in this category, out of 67 total are thick clothes suited cold. Their livelihood from agriculture, they are known as Thudambas of Tamang religious scriptures rich., saying his caste is Limbu and sub-clans amongst themselves is Limbu of alcohol is country. Are thick clothes suited for cold weather which belongs to the bride ’ population... And Malla dynasties significance regarding ethnic, bureaucratic, and Hindu background Newar languages Indo-Nepalese origin, Lepchas. Nepal Bhasha, which are fed to the Panch Gaunle or five-village confederation or five-village confederation Manang! Even during the various reigns of the Terai plains in nearby villages dialects spoken and several religious communities in and. The indigenous people in Nepal is a trace of the districts of Sindhupalchok, Ramechhap and Dolkha mountaineers northern! The unhabitants of Thudam the Limbus of the Kirants-their language is Dravidian, and affinity! Same, hence the misconception the kusundas as their ancestral and original stronghold spans from Arun River enters Nepal Tibet! With pop, religious, classical and folk music being popular dress styles the District... Dance ) as major events case of the county Nepal itself derives the. A rafting experience on the produce leave the house Tanahu, Myagdi, Pyuthan and Rolpa persons. Numerous ways, the land-based Botes are of two kinds-Pani ( water ) and.

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